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How you should be eating this season’s nectarines

Grab a bunch of ripe nectarines and treat yourself to a heaven on earth experience.

by: Mandy Blankenberg | 26 Oct 2016

Apricots, peaches and nectarines all belong to a family tree called Prunus, and are only harvested for a short period of time each year which is usually around Spring.

This gives one even more reason to have a well-deserved nectarine tartin tart or prepare a nectarine inspired salad for lunch, by making the most of nature's seasonal produce. 

Grab a bunch of ripe nectarines in the supermarket (they're cheaper now too!) and get busy in the kitchen with these drool-worthy recipes!

1. Honey roasted nectarines with vanilla yoghurt

2. Roasted nectarines

3. Nectarine tarte tartin

4. Impressive buttermilk puds with nectarines

5. Nectarine frangipane tart

6. Grilled nectarine and lentil salad

7. Nectatarine basil salsa

8. Roasted nectarine chutney

9. Nectarine tray bake tart

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