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How to eat your scotch eggs and 5 delectable recipes you have to try

Scotch eggs, the all in one mini-meal containing everything you love - a soft oozing egg covered in delicious mince, encased in a crispy crumb.

by: Robyn Brittow | 23 Aug 2018
scotch eggs

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The Scotch egg is the ideal food you want for breakfast or a picnic, but where does it come from? Believe it or not Scotch eggs are not Scottish and are said to be of North African origin, according to and The Guardian.

The dish was introduced to the British by the French and received its name from William J Scott, who served them in a local eatery. The Scotch eggs he made were covered in fish paste instead of meat and known as “Scotties”.

The glorious egg was a delicacy reports,, with only the elite being able to enjoy it. However, through the years it has become a favourite among all countries and cultures and even has the reputation as the ultimate “pub food” where it's deemed standard to enjoy with a chilled lager.

We love Scotch eggs and have 5 lip-smacking recipes that everyone can enjoy!

Wild boar scotch eggs

Wild Boar Scotch Eggs

Vegetarian scotch eggs with whole grain mayo 

Vegetarian Scotch eggs with a wholegrain mustard m

Curried chicken scotch eggs wrapped in bacon 

curry Scotch-eggs

Smoked scotch egg

smoked scotch eggs

Quail scotch eggs

quail scotch eggs


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