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Healthy food prep for the week: 5 things to make ahead

Stock your fridge and freezer with an abundance of good-for-you staples. Your future self will thank you!

18 Feb 2019
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Do you have only the best intentions to 'eat clean' at the start of a work week, and then fail miserably by the time Tuesday arrives? The culprits are generally always a lack of willpower to cook or zero planning, which has a knock-on effect... leading you down a rough road of pre-packaged, over-priced, preservative-laden mouthfuls. 

Don't let this be you!  

We've selected 5 things you can make on Sunday that will ensure you've got at least a few healthy items up your sleeve for when you're pressed for time or have unexpected emergencies because you know... life!

1. Gluten-free zucchini and basil pesto seed bread - this bread is also grain-free and we suggest baking a batch or two, slicing them up and then popping them in the freezer. Take out slices as you need and toast them before going to town with your favourite topping. 

gluten free and grain-free zucchini bread

2. 1 packet of mince: 7 ways to use it - meat eaters will delight in having a big batch of mince in the fridge or freezer that can be accompanied by a quick spaghetti, some roasted veggies, or in a Sloppy Joe. You could even make meatballs (they're nice and portable so no messing!)

mince meat

3.Vegan nut butter granola with cacao nibs - even if you're not vegan, you'll love the texture and taste of this breakfast staple. Serve with your favourite yoghurt and some fruit, or just a splash of good old cow's milk. 

vegan granola breakfast

4. Lentils - on a budget? Lentils are your best friend! Plus, they have a neutral flavour that allows them to be used in a gazillion different ways. 

5. Raw peanut butter date bars - dig into these whenever the craving for something sweet comes knocking. They're quite delicious so you better make extra.

peanut butter date bars recipe


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