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Have an addictive personality? You might want to give these foods a wide berth

See which foods are the most problematic.

by: Chanté Felix | 28 Mar 2017
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It's no coincidence that you you sometimes feel "addicted" to a specific food. You know the feeling you get when you're eating a slice of pizza, generously stacked with toppings and melted cheese, that just makes you want to grab and devour another slice and another one and another one... This urge is no coincidence, it might be linked to borderline addiction.

A recent study, released by the US Library of Medicine, suggests that highly processed foods and drugs have something in common. They did a survey where they gave people a list of 35 foods and asked them to state whether they'd have trouble controlling how much of each they'd eat. 

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Processed foods (that contains added fat and refined carbohydrates) and foods with a high glycemic load (containing a lot of sugar) made it to the top of the list. Foods with a high GL proved to be the most problematic because it causes a spike in one's blood sugar which might make it more difficult to stop eating. This is similar to the way drugs, that are highly concentrated and quickly absorbed into the system, can be more addictive than others. 

Have a look some of the most common trouble makers that made it to the top 15...


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Ice cream

French fries


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Fried chicken 

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