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Get your grains and seeds in with these great wholesome recipes

Not only are grains and seeds jam packed with nutritional benefits but they’re pretty damn tasty when you know how to incorporate them into your meals.

by: Robyn Brittow | 25 Jul 2018
grains and seeds

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Beginning your day with a wholesome breakfast that contains fibre is a great way to start your day and awaken your digestive system. These types of foods aid in making you feel fuller for much longer and prevent you from reaching for that snack at 10 am.  
Granola bars

granola bars

Overnight rooibos and yoghurt chia porridge 

chia breakfast


From gluten-free quinoa to a delicious brown rice salad, you are in no way creatively restricted with these options and have no excuse not to have a gourmet lunch filled with grains and seeds instead of the fastest take out.

Quinoa spinach falafel


Brown rice with baby aubergine ginger and almonds  

brown rice


Barley isn’t only meant for making beer, biryani doesn’t have to take hours to prepare and Tabbouleh, well do you even need a nutritional reason to eat it when it’s so delectable? We didn’t think so... have a go at these amazing dinner recipes.

Cheat's chicken biryani

chicken biryani

Pesto chicken with barley and herb salad





Who said you can’t turn a vegetable and its seeds into a sweet treat? Indulge in this delectable pumpkin pie to incorporate them into your diet.

Pumpkin pie with candied pumpkin seeds

pumpkin pie


Melissa Hemsley's quinoa power porridge

25 mins Quinoa Options 200 g quinoa flakes Quinoa flakes: Toast the quinoa flakes in a dry pan on a medium heat for 1 min, stirring frequently to prevent them from burning. This reduces any bitterness and gives a nice nutty flavour.

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