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When Summer starts to sizzle have these 6 popsicle recipes at the ready

Feel like a kid again - make your own homemade popsicles this season.

05 Dec 2017

(image: iStock)

Summer screams ice lollies and popsicles and while Nothern Hemisphere peeps are snuggling up with their hot cocoa and hoodies, we'll be here lapping up the sun and licking frozen treats to our hearts' content.

We've rounded up 6 recipes that you can make at home when the day's heat just gets too much for you. Have a look!

1. Green smoothie and berry popsicles

2. Berry popsicles

3. Berry cheesecake frozen yoghurt popsicles

4. Guava frozen yoghurt lollies

5. Blueberry frozen yoghurt

6. Strawberry and peach yoghurt pops

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