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5 SA restaurants that serve lip-smacking mac 'n cheese

Creamy, cheesy indulgence.

by: Jade Lawrence | 25 May 2017
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Mac 'n cheese never fails at being a nostalgic, comforting meal. Digging your way through the melted cheese into the creamy macaroni is somewhat of a pleasurable experience for us all. 

Places serving lip-smacking mac 'n cheese:

Culture Club Cheese in Cape Town - decadent Camembert mac 'n cheese.

Clarkes in Cape Town - served the classic American way.

Mr big Stuff in Johannesburg - try their mac 'n cheese burger.

Flavour Café
in Pietermaritzburg - Get your hands on their Cajun crumbed-chicken sandwich, topped with bacon, a 3 cheese mac 'n cheese and barbecue sauce!

Dropkick Murphey's in Durban - they serve incredibly tasty mac 'n cheese deep fried balls.

You may find it surprising that the dish has its origin in England and not The Unites States. It's traditionally served with Béchamal sauce and Cheddar and baked in the oven to get a crispy top. In recent years it's become super trendy especially in millennial hot spots, and in true millennial style, its been given many a twist as you will see in the photos below.

Kids love it, adults love it, the golden oldies love it - cheese for the win! One of the easiest meals to prepare if you're in a hurry, even if it's your first time behind the stove!

We have a few recipes you could be enjoying, right now!

Cheese level 100 engaged:

1. Because who needs a bread roll??!!

2. Yes, it's a thing!

#macncheesepizza is a thing! #poolparty #parksandrex #santacruz #summertime

A photo posted by Cambria Minott (@cminott) on

3. Deep fried mac 'n cheese on a stick-YUMMY!

#macncheeseonastick #rennfest ????

A photo posted by Philip Hayes (@thephilinator) on

4. Who would have thought? Mac 'n cheese for breaky!

Bacon McDaddy ???? #brunch #cuckoocallay #coissant #macncheese #sydneyeats #sydneybrunch

A photo posted by Brenda (@brendargh) on

5. Goodbye, cheese toasties and hello, mac 'n cheese toasties!!

I'm uncomfortable with how this mac and cheese sandwich makes me feel. #holyshit #macncheesesandwich #noms #girlswhoeat

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6. Still waiting for these to hit our shores!

7. Deep fried mac 'n cheese balls-the perfect snack and perfect for those leftovers! (click on image to watch)

8. Carb overload!

Carbe diem. ?? #macncheesepie

A photo posted by kris (@dericious) on

9. Tomato sauce, mayo, mustard? No thanks, some mac 'n cheese will be suffice.

This is what you end up eating on a hangover. #dirtydog #macncheesehotdog #foodporn

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Would you try one of these?

- Jade Lawrence

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