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Cheerio stacking is now a thing

Your baby sleeping yet?

by: Jade Lawrence | 21 Jun 2016
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Internet challenges are not a new phenomenon - remember The Ice Bucket Challenge, Fiery Noodle Challenge, Cinnamon Challenge (eat a spoonful of cinnamon), the Chubby Bunny Challenge (pop a marshmallow in your mouth and say "chubby bunny" until your mouth is full of marshmallows) and the Extreme Phone Pinching Challenge?

Forget of all of those and say hello to the Cheerio Stacking Challenge! This is the new thing - stacking cheerios on your baby while he/she is sleeping. We think it's totally hilarious! Leave it to dads to invent something like this...

You will need agility and the stealth of a wildcat to accomplish this challenge! Dads all over are taking part using #cheeriochallenge to get their posts out there. The stacks are just getting higher and higher, with dads sharing advice on how to stack them correctly and, wait for it.... how to lick each Cheerio to ensure they stay in place.

Have a look and giggle at these images of dads successfully completing the challenge:

1. Right on the forehead and scattered around for some decoration!

cheerio challenge accepted #dadlife #lostafewcheerios #lifeofdad #cheeriochallenge

A photo posted by @w.ill.h on

2. This must take quite some skill-on the nose!!??

3. Let's just take a moment and admire the determination of this Dad!

4. Whaatt??!! This must be the highest stack.

10 hours later I think I broke the record

A photo posted by Joey Brady (@joey_brady) on

5. Check out this video (Click on image to watch)- hilarious! certainly takes a few tries!

#Harper seemed to #love the #cheeriochallenge...................... #sleepy #newborn #instavideo

A video posted by K-Mazz (@cheesymazzaroni) on

- Jade Lawrence

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