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Celebrate your matric results with these party drinks and dishes

It's party time for the class of 2016!

05 Jan 2017

You've just found out you've passed and you're bursting with uncontrollable joy and energy, or perhaps you're a parent so overjoyed and relieved with your child's success, either way, this calls for celebration.

Many matriculants will want to host a party or small gathering of friends to honour this special and fulfilling time, and exciting, delicious food goes hand in hand with any celebration.

But first, how about some champagne cocktails to toast the newly acquired diploma? Try these:

Passion fruit champagne cocktail or this simple champagne cocktail with grapefruit and cinnamon. If you're after a virgin cocktail then this frozen watermelon lemonade is sensational for summer.

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Food can be tricky if you're catering for a bunch of people. It's best to go with snacky things that can simply be layed out on the table, so that you can continue to enjoy the party with everyone else.

Try these party bites:

Easy mini pizza bites

Mieliepap dhaltjies

Lasagne cupcakes

Jenny Morris’ prawn and nectarine filled Vietnamese spring rolls

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And finally dessert is really where your party throwing ability can soar. Win over your guests with these decadent desserts, cakes and mini sweet treats:

4-ingredient peanut butter mousse

Pumpkin madeleines with caramel drizzle

Milk tart phyllo cups

4-ingredient sugar-free chocolate mousse

Rolo Millionaire brownies

Chocolate cheesecake with salted caramel

Rocky Road

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