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7 Breakfasts from across the world - more than just coffee, cereal and eggs

We take you around the world to give you some brekkie inspiration for that first glorious meal of the day!

by: Robyn Brittow | 01 Aug 2018

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Oats and scrambled eggs can become quite dull over a period of time. Changing up your breakfast menu may just be the little extra motivation you need to tackle the day ahead. Brew your coffee and take your pick of these wonderful mouth-watering breakfast recipes that other cultures enjoy.

England - Healthier English breakfast

The English definitely have the recipe for a hearty breakfast; this is perfect if you know you’re going to have a busy morning filled with meetings and tasks. It will fill you up and keep you satisfied until lunch time. 

english breakfast

SwitzerlandCreamy Bircher muesli

For a lighter meal when eggs just won’t do and the sun is shining bright, this Bircher muesli is a great way to get your digestive system moving and fuel you to take on the morning’s tasks with ease.

creamy bircher muesli

France - Chocolate and peanut butter croissants

Croissants for breakfast? We have no objections here.


America - Wholemeal pancake stack with fruity ice cream whip

For the sweet-toothed - America has you covered. These make the perfect weekend breakfast or brunch meal.

wholemeal pancakes

Spain -Spanish potato omelette with creamy mushrooms

Great for a meatless Monday breakfast, this Spanish omelette is the flavoursome first meal you have been missing!

spanish potato

Australia Toast with Vegemite

Quick and easy, for someone that’s either always late or just loves toast, the Aussies waste no time hovering in the kitchen with toast and Vegemite, try our fresh candied tomato and bruschetta on toast for an effortless brekkie.

tomato vegetable sandwich

South AfricaLow carb orange, poppy seed and almond rusks

We have such a diverse cuisine and what we eat first thing in the morning varies from culture to culture but I’m sure we can all agree a rusk or two in the morning is a favourite among most South Africans. And seeing as the Banting craze has been huge in the last 3 years, this recipe is low carb! Boom. 

poppy seed rusk

We would love to know what foods you enjoy for breakfast on the regular, let us know on Facebook and Twitter!


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