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Avocado for dessert? 5 recipes we can’t get enough of

Because you can never have too much avocado.

19 Feb 2019
Avocado for dessert: 5 recipes we cant get enough

(image: Kelly Sikkema/Unsplash)

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We live in an age where avocado toast reigns supreme, whether it's topped with an oozing poached egg or salty crumbled feta cheese, the avocado can do no wrong.

But it’s not just a savoury food item. This ultra-creamy, versatile fruit can replace your dairy, whilst contributing a spreadable consistency that can be masked by any prominent flavour - like chocolate or fruit.

Try our 5 best avocado dessert recipes

Passion fruit and avocado yoghurt flan

This tropical flan has a coconut biscuit base topped with fruity granadilla, yoghurt and avocado. A wonderful way to make use of any excess avocados and yoghurt.

Passion fruit flan

Green vegan pudding pops

These creamy pudding pops won’t have you missing dairy one bit, topped with dark vegan chocolate and Cornflakes, this is the perfect treat for a Summer’s day.

Green vegan pudding pops

Chocolate avocado filled cannelloni 

These sweet cannellonis, with a velvet smooth chocolate filling is a heavenly nibble you won’t be able to resist. Great for serving at dinner parties.

chocolate filled cannellonis


Chocolate and avo brownies with peanut butter

These moreish sugar-free brownies are a guilt-free delight, great for an afternoon pick-me-up or healthy dessert.

Peanut butter chocolate brownies

Chocolate protein power smoothie

Wonderful for breakfast or dessert, with a hint of coffee this chocolate protein power smoothie is a lush drink you're bound to love.

Chocolate protein power smoothie



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