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Eat the rainbow: 12 Edible colourful treats to make your Summer complete

A rainbow of treats just for you.

by: Uhuru Plaatjies | 18 Oct 2017
color, chart, meals, treats, drinks, rainbow

I’ve always found that the more colour I find, the better my meal will be. Below are various colours, meals, and even drinks one can try out to keep the warmer interesting and of course, cool.

Red: the colour represents energy, strength and power. What is a better way of showing off that energetic meal than with a lemon and ginger cheesecake?  You can down it all with this frosé with rose water and pink peppercorns.

color, chart, meals, treats, drinks, rainbow

Orange: It represents the energy of the colour red and yellow’s happiness. Nothing really says energy and happiness like this pancake stack with fruity ice cream whip. Second on the list of treats with a touch of orange is vanilla chia pudding.

color, chart, meals, treats, drinks, rainbow

Yellow: This is the colour of happiness as we all know it. Yellow is bright and usually represents smiles, joy and intellect. These two treats will have you feeling more than happy with gin and coconut granadilla curd cake being first on the list and Passion fruit champagne to drink it down.

color, chart, meals, treats, drinks, rainbow

Green: The colour represents the colour of nature.  These tropical chia pudding pots represent green the best. These marshmallows with salted lime sugar also represent it with the bits of green standing out on your plate.

color, chart, meals, treats, drinks, rainbow

Blue: The colour blue represents confidence, intelligence and faith. Treats like blueberry frozen yoghurt and blueberry and ricotta cakes will make you feel more than confident on either a hot day or a cool weekend.

color, chart, meals, treats, drinks, rainbow

What are some of your favourite colour treats? Comment below!

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