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The lazy person’s snack guide: 7 recipes for quick, effortless eats

7 simple recipes to fuel your snack craving.

15 Sep 2018

Do you ever get that insatiable feeling in your tummy that alerts you to the fact that your body needs a snack – not quite a meal, but just something to keep you going?

Most of the time when this feeling takes hold, you’re often pressed for time or simply don’t have the energy or inspiration to make something elaborate and wow-worthy.

These 7 recipes are easy and quick to make. Plus – they are tasty and delicious to boot. Try ‘em!

1. 5 minute chocolate mug cake

2. Date and nut truffles

3. Rosemary pita chips with easy salmon pate

4. Crispy potato skins with bacon crumbs and sour cream dip

5.  2-ingredient chocolate mousse

6. Mediterranean style cheat’s pizza

7.    Healthy peanut butter and banana ice cream


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