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15 Awesome recipes to beat the Summer heat

When it's too hot to move - these recipes will cool you down!

07 Feb 2019
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Summer is here and it's looking like it's going to be hotter than ever!

You know those days when all you can do is sit down in the shade and try and cool yourself off somehow?  It's hard to beat the heat and it often feels like nothing can quench your thirst or cool you down.

You could always use the garden hose, jump into the pool, run pass the sprinkler, or you could make one of these fantastic ice cold beauties...


8 Incredible healthy and simple Summer dinners

1. Strawberry and peach yoghurt pops

2. Healthy peanut butter and banana ice cream

3. Raspberry yoghurt lollies

4. No churn passion fruit lime ice cream

5. Berry and beer lemonade

6. Cucumber and ginger fizz

7. Pistachio labneh ice cream

8. Chocolate and blueberry nice cream

9. Passion fruit champagne 

10. Beer ice cream

11. Berry and vanilla sorbet

12. Frozen watermelon lemonade


13.Guava frozen yoghurt lollies

14. Berry cheesecake frozen yoghurt popsicles 

15. Peppermint choc-chip ice cream sandwiches

Happy days!

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