Honey 101

If it is good enough for Pooh bear... Try these sweet recipes!

06 Nov 2009

Honey has achieved an almost symbolic status for all that is good and sweet in the world.

Scroll down for some deliciously sweet recipe using honey!

In Jewish culture Rosh Ha Shana is often depicted by honey and apples and indicate a sweet new year. In Buddhism, honey is given to monks to commemorate the festival of Modhu Purnima. The roots of this tradition lie in the legend that a monkey came and gave Buddha some honey when he retreated into the wilderness. In Christian tradition honey is mentioned 61 times in the King James Bible and is used a synonym for abundance and goodness. Honey was also used by the Ancient Egyptians to embalm the dead although this was extremely expensive.

When "honey" is not being used as a term of endearment or a miracle healer, it is actually a very interesting product. Yes, it can be useful when it comes to dressing wounds and the like as its low water activity and its high acidic content provides a rather nasty environment for bacteria. But according to certain nutritionists it isn't that much better for you than sugar when used as sweetener and also does not have such wonderful medicinal qualities when it comes to addressing common ailments.

Types of honey

Honey varies in taste and formation depending on its source. The most common plants that nectar is collected from are the orange blossom, clover, blackberry, eucalyptus and blueberry. The honey usually takes on the taste of the most prolific of these plants in its composition. It is not often that you can get a monofloral honey which is honey made from the nectar of only one plant. It is usually prized on the market and quite expensive.

Forms of honey

  • Comb honey is honey that is still inside the beeswax comb, which is also edible. This is not to be confused with cut comb honey or chunk honey, which is liquid honey that you can buy in a jar but has added chunks of honeycomb in the mixture.
  • The most common honey is liquid honey that can be used in baking. It is free of crystals and filtered a number of times. Whipped honey is honey that is sold already crystalised. However, at room temperature it can be spread as if it were butter. It is actually very popular and even more popular than liquid honey in certain countries.
  • Blended honey is a specific mix of honey from different sources designed to have a particular flavour and texture.

But whatever kind of honey takes your fancy, don't forget to try our fabulous recipes below. They are sure to get you as excited as Pooh Bear when you taste how delicious they are.

5 recipes with honey:

1. Asian-style duck and plum salad

2. Light lemon pudding with spiced cream

3. Baklava

4. Sesame and honey pork stir-fry

5. Melon sushi with honey dipping sauce


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