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9 All-American foods to eat in honour of the 2016 US elections

The nail-biting wait is over...

07 Nov 2016
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The US Presidential Election 2016 is here and we've rounded up some iconic American delights for you to enjoy while you're wrapped up in the hype.

Jumping right in...

Corn dog muffins with homemade ketchup - a fun and tasty twist on the all-American corn dog. 

Chicken wings, also known as Buffalo wings, originates straight out of New York City.

What's more American than a hotdog?

Beef burgers and onion rings

Cronuts, one of the many crazy American food hybrid inventions. Read all about the Cronut HERE.

Another American favourite is the Sloppy Joe, consisting of mince, onions, tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, other seasonings and is served on a hamburger bun. Messy but delicious!

Sundaes are loved and enjoyed the world over and they originate in America. 

Fried chicken, an American favourite that is extremely popular here in South Africa too!

A mouth-watering twist on the traditional American campfire treat - Puff pastry S'mores waffles.



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