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8 recipes that contain your all-time favourite vegetables

Boost your nutrients with these tasty recipes.

27 Jun 2016
vegetables, recipes,round-up,meals

With Winter in our midst, boosting your immune system assists in forming a barrier against those nasty colds and flus. How else but with the help of some flavoursome veggies?

Preparing vegetables can often be complicated for people, keeping in mind that they have to look visually appealing and freshness should still be evident in their taste. 

Not only do they offer health benefits, but add wholesomeness to any dish. On their own they are great in any way: baked, fried or served with a delicious dressing or sauce.

Here's a list of recipes that celebrate vegetables!

Pumpkin - Thai pumpkin soup

vegetables, recipes,round-up,meals

Sweet potato - Spicy sweet potato and leek soup

vegetables, recipes,round-up,meals

Butternut - Roast butternut and lentil bobotie

 vegetables, recipes,round-up,meals

Carrots - Tandoori roasted carrots

vegetables, recipes,round-up,meals

Broccoli - Lemon, ricotta and broccoli pasta

vegetables, recipes,round-up,meals

Cauliflower - Roasted cauliflower mac and cheese

vegetables, recipes,round-up,meals

Sweet potato and peas - Cabbage and pancetta with peas and mint (leave out the pancetta to make the dish vegetarian)

vegetables, recipes,round-up,meals

Spinach - Smoked snoek and spinach phyllo pie

vegetables, recipes,round-up,meals

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- Mandy Blankenberg

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