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8 Recipes that will make you look pro AF when you are a terrible cook

You'll definitely be high-fiving yourself after making these low maintenance dishes.

21 Feb 2018

1. Presto Pesto Fish

In less than 5 minutes you’ll feel like an Italian culinary master with this easy microwaveable recipe. Fish, tomatoes, butter, pesto and asparagus (optional), this dish not only tastes delish, but also pops with colour.  Perfect for a date night, pair with a classy glass of white wine, which will also make your terrible cooking taste that much better!

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2. Fancy corn bread

How do you make an average corn bread look lavish? Prepare it in a round cake tin because nothing says I worked really hard on preparing this meal than an unusually shaped dish. Ok, so there are 12 whole ingredients in this recipe but all you have to do is throw them into a bowl, mix, and the result will be the perfect accompaniment to your pro meal. 

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3. Classic tomato tart

Although this recipe takes some time in the oven, the prep can be done in seconds. Drizzle some store bought balsamic glaze over it, dot with a few pieces of fresh basil and your friends and family will be talking about your skills for ages.


4. 3-Cheese penne

Cheese and pasta are an inarguable duo of ingredients that win over the hearts and minds of many. The 3 cheese penne is ideal for a hearty meal, that can serve up to 6. Throw everything together, make your pasta (if you can’t do that then you should probably just eat out), and bake in the oven. This is the perfect opportunity to reach into the back of your cupboard for that gorgeous crockery you almost never use.

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5. The perfect scones

With just 4 ingredients and some massaging of a little dough you’ll have yourself golden crumbly treats to smother in strawberries and cream. Lift that little pinky from the side of your tea cup and take out your monocle because you are about to have one hell of a royal tea party. 


6. Boss bone broth

You’ll have people oohing and awing at your culinary prowess as you add your very own bone broth to a variety of soups. Want to make Vietnamese pho or Japanese ramen, well you probably can’t do that yet, so start with some noodle soup and be sure to boast about your homemade umami elixir.

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7. Genius tray bake

Tray bakes are a brilliant way to cook fresh ingredients all in one go. This recipe calls for potato, onions, butternut, baby marrow and sausage, but you can add other root vegetables like quartered radish for more colour. Did you just dollop on crème fraîche and sprinkle a handful of mint? Who even are you!

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8. Winning lemon curd

Haven’t you heard, lemon curd is the word and you are the chef who made it. Pop a heatproof bowl in and out of the microwave a few times and in less than 10 minutes you’ll have a beautiful citrusy spread. Use like a jam, top store-bought biscuits or spoon over vanilla ice cream. Dessert done.



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