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8 Gorgeous granadilla desserts you actually can’t live without

Love adding some punchy passion fruit to your food? Then try your hand at one of these recipes!

21 Feb 2018

Granadilla or passion fruit as it's often called, is the queen of all desserts and cakes. The pop of colour on a cheesecake, the delicious tangy taste in a sponge cake and the smell is just everything! We have rounded up 8 of our favourite granadilla desserts for you to try.

Knock yourself out!

Gin and coconut granadilla curd cake


LCHF granadilla cheesecake

Zesty granadilla brûlée pudding

Granadilla semifreddo with frozen dark chocolate sauce

Granadilla and lime tarts

Granadilla curd and mascarpone tart

Gluten-free granadilla fridge tart

Granadilla and yoghurt sponge cake

Which one will you be making?

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