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8 amazing apple bakes to keep the doctor away

Homemade is always the best!

by: Jade Lawrence | 20 Jun 2016
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Baking with apples brings a sweet aroma, a feeling of comfort and peace of mind knowing that your apples won't go to waste -because there is usually an abundance of apples in many homes.

Put together a delicious bake for a tea time treat or for a dessert. Be it muffins, tarts, cake, crumble... apple is always a winner. Add some custard to the mix and everyone will be coming back for more!

Put those apples to good use and try one of these amazing recipes:

1. Persian love cake

recipe, bake, cake, apples

2. Caramel apple and blueberry tart

recipe, apples. blueberries, bake, tart, caramel,

3. Caramel apple crumble

recipe, bake, caramel, apples, dessert

4. Apple phyllo tart

recipe, bake, apples, tart, dessert

5. Apple cinnamon crumble muffins

recipe, apples, bake, muffins, cinnamon

6. Cinnamon baked apples

recipe, apples, bake, cinnamon

7. Baked apple matcha donuts

recipe, bake, donuts, sweet, treat, apples

8. Apple crumble cake

recipe, bake, apples, cake

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- Jade Lawrence

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