7 recipes that will take you straight to bacon heaven

Salty goodness!

by: Jade Lawrence | 24 Jun 2016
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You can't get any better than a crispy fried piece of bacon, can you?

We are all familiar with the classic bacon and eggs for breakfast, but why not add it to our side dishes, lunches and desserts-for a sweet/savoury combination? Your taste buds will thank you for!

Wrap it around a veggie or meat or add it into a batter - you will not regret it!

Dig into one of these delicious recipes!

1. Bacon wrapped onion rings

recipe, bacon, onions, onion rings

2. Bacon and bbq skewers

recipe, bacon, bbq

3. Curried chicken Scotch eggs wrapped in bacon

recipe, bacon, eggs, chicken, curry

4. Bacon peanut butter banana bread

recipe, bake, bread, bacon, bananas, peanut butter

5. Bacon-wrapped pumpkin slices

recipe, bacon, pumpkin

6. LCHF bacon jam

recipe, bacon, jam, lchf
7. Toffee fudge bacon cinnamon rolls

recipe, toffee, bacon, rolls, cinnamon, bake


- Jade Lawrence

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