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7 Game-changing pizza recipes you have to try!

From a gluten free potato hash base to a thin crust spelt flour base, we’ve got a recipe to satisfy any pizza lover.

27 Sep 2018
7 Game-changing pizza recipes you have-to try!

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Pizza is the perfect meal for sharing and allows you to be creative with your toppings and your base. Have these 7 mouth-watering recipes on hand for game-nights or those last minute get-togethers. They won't disappoint.


Meatfree Monday’s do not have to consist of only veggies. Try this classic Margherita for a meatless meal.


Mushrooms with Pizza topping

Trying to avoid the carbs? These mushrooms topped with a homemade tomato sauce and a generous serving of Mozzarella is perfect for a low carb lunch or dinner.


Breakfast hash pizza

This lip-smacking breakfast pizza is all the motivation you need to wake up early. A potato base topped with egg, is a great brekkie. 

Hashbrown Breakfast Pizza

Boerewors pizza

Local is lekker; pizza topped with boerewors is the ultimate South African pizza.


Vegan pizza

You don’t even need to be vegan to get in on this scrumptious snack.

vegan pizza

Thin crust spelt flour pizza

This wholegrain pizza base is for all thin-crust pizza lovers, add meat or enjoy as is for a lighter meal. 

thin crust spelt flour pizza


Sushi pizza: Apparently this is the new way to eat your sushi

What do you get when you add sushi to pizza? Well, sushi pizza of cause! Which makes the perfect snack time treat! (Image: iStock) If you're a huge fan of sushi, then you would be happy to know that these days you can find sushi on just about anything!

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