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7 flourless bakes that will save the day

Here are some recipes that go without flour, or replace the regular wheat flour with a substitute.

11 Nov 2016

Do you often find yourself running short of one of your most loved baking staple: flour? Opening the cupboard and realising you're missing the very foundation of your baked good.

No worries - we have compiled our most irresistible baking recipes that don't require any flour at all. Each recipe is filled with its own flour substitute that magically raises it into a baking masterpiece.

Here's Food24's top flourless bakes:

1.  Flourless almond butter cookies

2.  Flourless chocolate pots

3.  Chocolate marshmallow log

4.  Flourless chocolate fruit cake

chocolate fruit cake

5.  Gluten free zucchini and basil pesto seed bread

6.  Flourless chocolate cherry Swiss roll

7.  Flourless peanut butter cupcakes


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