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7 Easy recipes to please even the fussiest of eaters at a braai

From finger-licking sticky pork ribs to chocolate braai pie for dessert, there’s a recipe that will please any fussy palate.

by: Robyn Brittow | 22 Mar 2019
7 Easy recipes to please even the fussiest of eate

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Hosting a braai can be stressful, making sure your house is clean and ready for guests to ensuring there’s enough ice and wood to keep the party going.

The last thing you’re probably wondering is: Will your guests enjoy the Mexican spiced rubbed tuna tortillas you’re planning on braaing later, because who doesn’t enjoy a little kick of spice and freshly caught tuna right? 

Unfortunately kids and adults alike can be pretty picky eaters even though you’ve spent a good hour or so in the kitchen preparing your spectacular braai menu for the fire.

But remember fussy doesn’t mean flavourless, so a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Spices such as garlic, salt and lemon are a safe go-to that won’t burn your guests' mouths. Avoid more potent flavours like smoked paprika, coriander and chillies. Note: you can always serve these on the side for your guests to add it themselves.

2. Make sure if you’re supplying the food for the braai you are aware of your guest’s allergies at least a few days ahead of the braai. Be considerate and accommodating, however, if you are not sure on how to prepare their preferred meat or food item you can always ask them if they can bring their own ingredients to avoid any disappointments.

We’ve got 7 recipes to keep on hand when you know you’re catering for fussy eaters, to keep everyone at the braai happy. 

Low carb quiche muffins

This is a great carb-free dish you can serve as a starter for you guests to munch on while the fire is going.

Biltong and braaied potato salad

You can never disappoint your guests with a delicious potato salad, filled with biltong and mild herbs this salad will put a smile on anyone's face.

Biltong and braaied potato salad

Sticky braai pork ribs

No cutlery needed, and everyone can help themselves as they come off the fire.

Grilled sweet corn

Whether you serve this as a side or replace your drumsticks with this vegetarian option, this grilled corn will not disappoint.

grilled corn

Chicken kebabs

These sweet chicken kebabs will have everyone grabbing more than just one, marinated in sweet apricot jam, this is a recipe you have to try!

Boerie braai burger

Take the flavours of your favorite boerewors and transform it into this deluxe burger, your guests will love.

Boerie braai burger

Chocolate braai pie

A quick and easy dessert is this chocolate braai pie, beautiful charred pastry and melted chocolate is a recipe made from heaven. Serve with vanilla ice cream or fresh cream.

chocolate braai pie

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