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6 ways to eat pizza that you absolutely have to try

You will not be able to resist these!

by: Jade lawrence | 04 Mar 2016
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The melted cheese, toppings and a good tomato sauce is bound to get anyone into the mood for a slice of goodness. 

Pizza calls for an easy dinner or lunch when time is of the essence, or when some comfort food is needed after a long day!

But sometimes we need to change it up, add something different and try something new and exciting. You definitely will not regret it!

Who said you just have to use pizza bases to make a good pizza? There are so many interesting bases that can be used, that taste just as good or even better!

Here are a few recipes to get you started :
1. Tired of having cereal, toast and eggs or just a piece of fruit for breakfast? Try out this amazing breakfast pizza to get your day started the right way!

recipe, pizza, naan, breakfast, eggs

2. A pizza with a healthy twist - Roasted butternut pizza

recipe, pizza, butternut, cheese, bacon

3.Cut down on those carbs with this delicious Aubergine pizza!

recipe, pizza, aubergine

4. Meaty mushrooms topped with cheese and delicious toppings!!! what more could want? - The Mushroom Crust Pizza


5. Pizza-style garlic bread? WHAT? two of the best foods put together to make one mouth watering snack!

recipe, garlic, bread

6. Last but definitely not least, is the Chocolate pizza with ice cream and berries. For another option - Add some marshmallows onto the base once it has baked through, return to oven and grill the top for the marshmallows to become golden brown, top with some crushed digestive biscuits and nutella! Pizza for dessert anyone???

recipe, pizza chocolate, dessert

- Jade Lawrence

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