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6 Warm desserts best served with custard

If custard is your favourite, then try it with these delicious desserts.

05 May 2017
custard, recipes, winter, desserts

We find ourselves in the midst of Autumn, and treating oneself to a mouthwatering dessert often, could definitely work as a perfect reward for surviving these colder days.

Custard – known for its warm and silky texture – can be eaten solo or enjoyed with a variety of desserts. If your cravings have hit a high, treat yourself to some Malva pudding dazzled with creamy custard or replace it with some of your favourite winter fruits. What are you waiting for?

If you’re tired of making the old traditional custard, mix your own concoction to suit your taste. Whether you feel like having something chocolatey, caramel, orange or vanilla flavoured it's all here for you.

To add some flavour:

Vanilla custard

Caramel custard

Chocolate custard

Brandy custard

Orange custard

Citrus custard

Recipes to enjoy it with:

Bread and butter pudding – This is perfect for those cold evenings in front of the fire.

custard, recipes, winter, dessers

Apple and raisin oat crumble – Even more delicious with caramel custard.

custard, recipes, winter, dessers

Fruity bread pudding with custard
– A superb eating choice.

custard, recipes, winter, desserts

Hot cross bun chocolate pudding -  This makes a great treat for those cold winter afternoons.

custard, recipes, winter, desserts

Honey pudding – A double sweetener with added caramel custard.

custard, recipes, winter, desserts

Old fashioned lemon cakes - Can be served straight out of the oven.

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