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6 Easy and versatile loaves to bake for the week

Lovely loves for some Winter comfort.

by: Jade Lawrence | 10 Jul 2017
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Winter is here, sunny days have become chilly and the shivers have gotten hold of us. What a better way to keep warm than baking a delicious loaf - be it savoury or sweet. Loaves are easy bakes, and there are many varieties to choose from and so many serving suggestions!

Smothered in butter has got to be the best way to eat a savoury loaf, add some soup and you've got a hearty supper! A sweeter loaf can be enjoyed with a steaming cup of tea or coffee - perfect to enjoy on your couch under a blanket, watching your favourite movie or series.

Here are 6 recipes to try:

1. Pull-apart cheese and ham loaf - a delicious side dish for a vegetable soup!

recipe, ham, cheese, bake, savoury

2.  Chocolate banana loaf - a twist on a classic, a flavour combination that will leave you wanting more.

recipe, chocolate, banana, bake, loaf

3.  Gluten-free seed loaf - packed with healthy fats!

recipe, gluten-free, loaf, bake

4.  Blueberry and semolina tea loaf - get your antioxidant fix with this delicious bake!

recipe, loaf, blueberries, sweet, bake

5.  Nutty courgette loaf - A drool-worthy Banting bread.

recipe, courgettes, nuts, bake, savoury

6.  Carrot and oat loaf - No yeast needed, no rising time. Just mix, bake and wait for the aroma to fill your home!

carrots, oats, bake, loaf

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