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6 Things you’re doing wrong with olive oil

Get your fats straight with this essential list of no-no’s

by: Katy Rose | 10 Jun 2018
olive oil tips

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Olive oil is a fairly common ingredient in our kitchens, but it is possible that you’re not treating your olive oil right. Follow these tips from The Guide to Extra Virgin Olive Oil in South Africa for the very best results from your olive oil cooking. 

Storing it for too long
Olive oil and wine often come from the same estates, but this does not mean that they should be stored the same waycontainer, and even shorter if the bottle has been opened. Over time, the oil will spoil or go rancid, and it can taste terrible! So don’t save your special olive oil - use it now.

Only using it on salads
Olive oil can be an excellent cooking oil at medium heat. Drizzle over veggies before roasting them, or rub it on your roast chicken to give it an extra crispy skin! Olive oil is great in baking and desserts too. 

olive oil tips

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Buying foreign oils
Olive oil from Spain or Italy is not necessarily any better than those produced right here in South Africa. For a start, the oils would have travelled further and are not as fresh as the local brands. Find a list of some South Africa’s award winning olive oils here.  

Only using it in the kitchen
Olive oil is an excellent moisturiser for dry hands and feet, especially in the winter months. Adding a little splash to your bath water is a great way to pamper your skin. Olive oil also makes an intense moisture mask for your hair. 

olive oil tips

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Not reading the label 
A few things to look out for: 
Harvest date - always buy the freshest olive oil, that is never older than 2 years. If you can’t find a harvest or crush date, consider choosing a different bottle. 
Is it pure olive oil? Cheaper oils are often a blend of olive and other vegetable oils, meaning that you are getting less of the flavour and benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

Keeping it in the wrong place
Olive oil is sensitive to light, which is why it is often sold in dark green bottles. You should never store your olive oil in the fridge, and even though it is handy to keep it next to the stove top, the heat from your cooking will cause the oil to spoil faster. A dark cupboard in your kitchen is the best spot for it. 

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