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6 Sexy sweet and savoury spring roll recipes you just have to try

These delicious morsels can be made ahead of time, frozen and defrosted when needed.

by: Robyn Brittow | 14 Sep 2018

(image: iStock)

The first bite of a golden crunchy spring roll, as it explodes into your mouth, is bound to make you reach for another one... or two. These recipes range from breakfast to dessert spring rolls that are totally irresistible. Perfect picnic snacks that can be filled with any ingredients and even left overs.

The all in one on-the-go breakfast, these delicious breakfast spring rolls are filled with scrumptious bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella. 

breakfast springrolls

These  oyster sauce chicken spring rolls are the perfect dinner appetizers or lunch-box saviours.

oyster and chicken spring rolls

Tired of a tuna-mayo sandwich or tuna on crackers? Roll up your tuna in a few sheets of pastry and pop them in some oil for a salty crunchy snack using this delicious tuna spring rolls recipe.

tuna spring rolls

Delicious milk tart spring rolls, are a quick and easy no bake take on the traditional tart that are just as tantalizing.

milktart spring rolls

The crunchy exterior and soft filling of chocolate banana spring rolls is a match made in heaven.

chocolate banana spring rolls

Want to avoid standing over a deep-fryer or just avoid oily food? No worries, these fresh prawn and nectarine filled Vietnamese spring rolls will save the day. Pack a few for a sunny day park or beach picnic.


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