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6 Recipes that will breathe life into your defrosted chicken breasts

Jazz up your weeknight chicken with a few simple and sassy tricks.

by: Rentse Khiba | 20 Mar 2018

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I used to shudder at the thought of even attempting to cook chicken breasts. My biggest fear was ending up with tasteless, dry meat with that chewy taste you get when they aren’t cooked well.

I also never knew what to make with the chicken breasts I had in my freezer until I started experimenting and cooked an amazing spicy chicken breast, mixed with chilli sausage and white sauce pasta. That was where my creativity ended. So I was excited when I came across these 6 recipes. More appetizing food to recreate and I love a good challenge!

Bacon wrapped and stuffed chicken breast

I imagine this to taste exactly as I have pictured it - delicious. Bacon is one of my favourite breakfast ingredients, so the fact that I am able to wrap a chicken breast in it, means it's like presenting myself with a gift. 

Parmesan-crusted chicken breast with pesto pasta

This Parmesan crusted chicken breast meal is a quick, easy, and delicious recipe to make for dinner. I was sold on quick and easy! Delicious makes it a winner.

Stuffed chicken with Parmesan cream

The flavours of ricotta, sun dried tomato, Parmesan cheese and salty bacon combined, make this chicken recipe the holy grail of all chicken breast recipes! The chicken is cooked in a Parmesan cheese and cream sauce, which add plenty of richness and depth to what what was once a plain piece of white meat. To finish it off, an elaborate handful of toasted pine nuts adds a wonderful nutty crunch.  

Lemony chicken and broccoli pasta

Struggling to eat those veggies? Why not combine your broccoli with chicken breasts and add to pasta to create a flavoursome meal. This dish can be served either warm or cold. One word should spring to mind... leftovers!

10-Minute pan fried Greek chicken breast

Chicken breast tenderized in spices, pepper and lemon zest and then cooked in garlic and rosemary sure does sound delicious. The fun aspect to this recipe is you can enjoy these fried chicken breasts with any side you prefer. And did you take note of the '10-minute' part? 

Cheesy chicken bake

This super quick and easy recipe is an enjoyable way to cook chicken breasts. There’s no limit to how cheesy you would like it, with blue and mature cheese as some of the ingredients. And what makes this recipe unique to the others is that it can be made in one oven dish, meaning less washing up. Winning!

After trying these recipes you will never have a reason to say chicken breasts are boring and bland.


Chicken breast in a Parmesan crust on tomato risotto

00:40 Wash and dry the chicken fillets and season with salt and pepper. Mix the eggs, Parmesan and flour to form a smooth batter. Dip the pieces of chicken into the batter and coat well. Heat a 1cm layer of sunflower oil in a frying pan over a low heat.

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