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6 pretty pink treats to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Make these to show your support!

12 Oct 2016

Are you wearing your pink ribbon today? This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and by wearing your pink ribbon, shows your moral support towards breast cancer survivors (never victims).

Why is it important?

Raising awareness could help, men and women lower their chances of detecting breast cancer at a later stage. According to SA Gov almost ninety percent of patients can live for a long time span should their symptoms be detected in the early stages.

What can you do to help?

Make your donation by joining these movements CANSA, Pink Drive 

At Food24 we are celebrating these strong women with these beautiful pink treats:

1. Homemade Turkish Delight

2. Rosewater and pistachio marshmallows

3. Coconut ice

4. Beetroot sesame and poppy seed loaf

5. Pink macarons

6. Strawberry milkshake

Click HERE to read more about breast cancer.


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