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6 Luscious breakfast recipes to keep you warm this Autumn

Tis’ the season for cinnamon, nutmeg and all things pumpkin. With the cold season creeping in, there’s nothing better than to begin your day with a warm satisfying breakfast, on those crispy autumn mornings.

by: Robyn Brittow | 12 Apr 2018
Autumn Breakfasts

These 6 recipes are ambrosial, warm and scrumptious, and is sure to set the tone to get you through ... “A Rather Blustery Day”. Whether it be with honey drizzled gingerbread French toast or cinnamon sprinkled pumpkin fritters this season gives more reason to add more vegetables to our first meal of the day which reaps many benefits.

Pumpkin Fritters

Pumpkin is an ideal ingredient to add to your breakfast. It's a vegetable that wonderfully in sweet and savoury dishes. Who's complaining?... Pumpkin fritters for breakfast? Yes, please!

 pumpkin fritters

Blueberry apple and walnut baked oatmeal

Oats are wholesome and will keep you fuller for longer preventing you from snacking on those unhealthy muffins and pastries screaming your name before 10am.

Perks? You can bake this the night before and heat it when you're ready to eat breakfast. So snooze your alarm for those extra 5 minutes of shut-eye. 

blueberry walnut and apple baked oatmeal

Sweet potato mushroom and onion breakfast hash 

The enticing smell of roasted sweet potatoes making its way through the house is bound to wake anyone up, make this for a weekend treat and spoil your someone special with a warm hash for breakfast.

sweet potato hash

Grilled avocado Benedict 

Missing your green smoothie but the weather is non-compliant for the cold convenient beverage? This grilled avocado Benedict will ensure you get your greens in as well as warmth. 

grilled avo benedict

Gingerbread French Toast

With the combination of flavours, the nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, makes this French toast a burst of Autumn in your mouth.

gingerbread french toast

Quinoa power porridge

The ulitmate superfood has to be quinoa. It's gluten-free and rich in protein. This recipe offers 3 different variations on how to make quinoa porridge and is a definite Autumn essential.

quinoa porridge

Add these recipes to your weekly breakfast menu to elevate your breakfast from repetive cereal to flavoursome variety.

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