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6 Flu-fighting recipes to help you fight that Winter cold

Between cups of coffee and warm bowls of soups, we are always looking for ways to keep the flu at bay – try some of these Winter warmers that will keep you feeling strong and help you fight those germs.

12 Jun 2018
freshly baked butternut and bread.

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The sick season is here and when your throat starts to itch and your nose is running, you know that dreaded cold is back!

Beef for your white blood cells

Boost your immune system with this beef and beer potjie it is well known that beef is a great source of zinc and according to Proactive Health Labs zinc helps build the white blood cells that defend your body against viruses.

freshly made beef and beer potjie

Sweet Potato for Vitamin A

Winter is all about stocking up on good comfort food and this cheesy sweet potato and tuna bake is a good dinner choice because sweet potato contains vitamin A and Canyon Ranch’s blog about beauty highlights that vitamin A helps maintain the health of your skin by protecting it against infections.

freshly baked cheesy sweet potato bake

Tumeric for its antioxidant effects

In Winter we find ourselves living on soup and this kale, turmeric and coconut soup  should be added to your list of favourites. With turmeric being the key ingredient in this recipe, it helps chase away any viruses with its anti-viral properties - according to research by the Healthline publication.

freshly made kale soup

Chicken Soup

A well-known flu remedy is chicken soup. Having soup raises the temperature in your body and airways and this hearty Asian chicken soup is perfect on a Winter’s night or as a mid-day snack. Also based on a report by Daily Burn  - when you cook chicken, it releases the amino acid cysteine, which resembles a drug that is used to treat bronchitis.

a warm bowl of chicken soup

Oats for its immune system regulator

Create these chocolate overnight oats the night before for a delicious breakfast. According to BBC good food-“oats and barley are rich in a water-soluble fibre called beta-glucans, which has a valuable immune modulatory effect which increases the number and function of protective immune cells.”

a bowl of overnight chocolate oats

Ginger for its antibacterial properties

These ginger and orange biscuit truffles are the perfect treat with a cup of good coffee when you’re feeling super fluish. According to Simple Green Smoothies, ginger helps fight the flu in your body by sweating out the toxins.

balls of perfectly made biscuit truffles

So get to cooking and fight those colds!


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