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6 desserts to make your week more exciting

End your meals on a sweet note!

by: Jade.Lawrence | 06 Jul 2016
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Your week looking cold and boring? No excitement or comfort in sight? Why not treat yourself to a luscious dessert!

Desserts make a great meal even greater, nothing is as good as polishing off your plate of food knowing there's a sweet treat waiting for you.

From a South African favourite to chocolatey pleasure, we've got you covered. So, get out your baking equipment and get your sweet tooth's ready for satisfaction!

Try one of these:

1. Boozy chocolate sticky buns

recipe, chocolate, dessert

2. Spiced pear cake

recipe, pear, spiced, cake

3. Rooibos malva pudding

recipe, pudding, dessert, malva, rooibos

4. Gluten-free black bean brownie smore's

recipe, gluten-free, brownies, smores, chocolate

5. Walnut, pecan and cranberry cake

recipe, pecan nuts, walnuts, cranberries, cake, de

6. Apple phyllo tart

apple phyllo tart

- Jade Lawrence


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