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6 Delicious seafood dishes to try this Summer

You’ll love tucking into these sumptuous seafood dishes just as much as we loved making them.

12 Oct 2018
Coconut curried prawns

Surf ’n turf kebabs

The popular combo of red meat and seafood works well on a skewer. The calamari and steak have the same cooking time, so neither dries out when they’re braaied together.

Seafood 4

Seafood stew

Keep a few cans of pilchards on hand for quick and easy meals. This affordable protein is wholesome and tasty and comes tinned in a variety of sauces

Seafood 3

Tomato and cashew seafood in a pan

A more affordable option is replacing the prawns with 4 calamari steaks, cut into strips. Frozen calamari steaks are inexpensive and readily available in large supermarkets.

Seafood 6

Spice-mixed calamari

Calamari or squid should be cleaned by removing the purple skin covering it.

Seafood 2

Yummy seafood paella

Make a tasty homemade tomato sauce and use it as the base

Seafood 1

Coconut curried prawns

This quick prawn curry is fresh and creamy. You can use vegetable stock instead of fish stock if you prefer.

Seafood 5

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