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6 Comforting soups that will make you feel as if everything is going to be ok

16 Mar 2020
best recipes for when you're feeling ill

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  1. Spicy coconut broccoli soup

Spicy, green and vegan - it’s a bowl full of goodness! Find the recipe here.

vegan broccoli soup

  1. Butternut and turmeric glow soup

Yes, we love butternut soup! Try this one with a touch of fresh turmeric. Here's the recipe:

turmeric butternut soup

  1. Tomato soup with grilled mac and cheese sarmies

This rich and bright tomato soup goes so well with these cheesy dippers. Here is the recipe.

tomato soup

  1. Gourmet chicken noodle soup

Chicken noodle soup gets a makeover with lots of fresh herbs and vegetables. Start cooking now.

best recipes for when you're feeling ill

  1. Sundried tomato soup

This light and healthy soup is packed with rich, tomatoey flavour! Read the recipe now.

roast tomato soup recipe

  1. Wintery oxtail noodle soup

It’s oxtail, but even better! Get the recipe here.

oxtail noodle soup

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