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6 Brownie recipes that will have you jumping out of your shoes

Everybody loves them!

by: Jade Lawrence | 26 Jan 2017
recipe, brownies, chocolate, round-up

A chocolatey indulgence that is welcome any time of the day. Nothing beats a good chocolate brownie! So many variations, and all equally good!

These satisfactory squares of sweet chocolate were developed in the United States at the end of the 19th century. It can be described as a cakey-cookie textured dessert/treat - the best of both worlds!

Treat yourself to one of these recipes- you'll thank us later!

1. Rolo millionaire brownies

recipe, brownies, rolo, chocolate, bake

2. Chocolate chestnut brownies

recipe, chocolate, chestnuts, brownies, bake

3. Easy vegan brownies

recipe, chocolate, brownies, vegan

4. Salted pretzel brownies with toffee-caramel sauce

recipe, brownies, bake, chocolate, pretzels

5. Chocolate peanut butter brownies

recipe, brownies, peanut butter, bake, chocolate

6. Gluten-free black bean brownie S’mores

recipe, brownies, chocolate, smores, gluten free

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