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5 Ways to turn boerewors into a delicious dinner

South Africa's favourite meaty morsel is the star of the show in these 5 epic meals.

19 Jul 2018
south african boerewors

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If you're a meat-eating South African expat, chances are one of the foods you miss the most from Mzansi includes boerewors (because from what we've heard, nowhere makes it quite the same). For those unfamiliar with the term, boerewors refers to a specific kind of sausage ('boer' comes from the Dutch or Afrikaans word for farmer). It often contains a mixture of beef, pork and lamb with spices similar to those that go into biltong; coriander, cloves and nutmeg. And while it's a supremely popular braai-time favourite, there are a variety of ways to enjoy 'boerie' even if you don't have the energy to light a fire. 

Take a look!

Boerewors meatballs with tomato and basil sauce - best served on a mountain of pap, mashed potatoes or even pasta. 

south african boerewors and pap with tomato sauce

Boerewors, chakalaka and Mascarpone pizza - a fabulous modern twist featuring iconic SA staples. 

boerewors, chakalaka and mascarpone pizza

Penne with boerewors -  let's call this Afro-Italian fusion!

boerewors sausage and penne pasta recipe

Boerewors braai pie - we'll make an exception with this one (a braai fire is mandatory).

the best boerewors braai pie recipe

Boerewors nachos - perhaps the perfect snack for a day of rugby-watching? 

boerewors nachos recipe

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