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5 genius ways to eat the humble sweet potato

Are the Autumn chills creeping up on you? You've got to try these recipes!

by: Jade Lawrence | 19 Apr 2016
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Autumn: the season that gets you ready for the cold Winter ahead.

Sweet potatoes are a form of carbohydrates known as complex carbohydrates. They are known to be rich in vitamins and minerals, the fibre content is normally high since most complex carbohydrates come from whole plant foods. 
With the flu doing its rounds again, it's important to get in all the good nutrients you can to keep yourself healthy and ready to go!

Check out these 5 recipes that call for this wonderous superfood.

1. Sweet potato pecan breakfast bake
- a comforting breakfast that will warm you right up!

recipe, sweet potatoes, pecan nuts, bake, breakfas

2. Sweet potato rostis and Russians - A breakfast to impress, so deliciously hearty!

recipe, sweet potatoes, breakfast, rosti, russians

3. Sweet potato wedges - So much more flavour than your normal potato wedges!

recipe, sweet potatoes, wedges, side dishes

4. Sweet potato nachos - A healthy twist on an all time favourite snack.

recipe, nachos, sweet potatoes, light meals

5. Bangers and sweet potato mash - This perfect sweet and savoury combination should make it onto your dinner list! So easy and so quick!

recipe, sweet potatoes, mash

- Jade Lawrence

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