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5 Vegetarian dishes for every day this week

Be vegetarian from Monday to Friday with these easy and sensationally tasty dinner recipes.

05 Dec 2016
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Wanting to cut down on meat but at a loss for inspiration? We get so used to relying on chicken, fish or red meat to pull together a meal, that we forget just how capable veggies are of totally stealing the show.

So before you begin defrosting those kebabs, have a look at these 5 dinner ideas to keep you vegetarian all week. 

Tip: make some extra and you'll have lunch for the next day covered.

1. Spinach and courgette pie (above)

2. Spelt flatbreads with spiced roasted chickpeas and cauliflower

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3. Broccoli and cauliflower falafels or falafel with mint  tahini- serve in wraps or tortillas with chopped tomato, cucumber and onion, and tzatziki and lemon juice.


4. The ultimate basil pesto pasta

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5. Quinoa and mushroom risotto





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