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5 Sweet sauces to have on hand for puddings and desserts

There's nothing nicer than having a moreish dessert dripping in sweet, decadent liquid.

07 Jun 2018
apple crumble and custard

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Making desserts, cakes and pastries is one of life's greatest joys and just like a piece of clothing, the right accessory can really 'pull it all together'. The same can be true when you're talking about food. Ever had that moment when you're eating something and think to yourself,  "this would be just perfect if it was rounded off with a great sauce!" 

Today we're sharing some of the most classic dessert sauces that really bring life to a warm baked pud or a scoop of rich ice cream. 

1. Chocolate ganache
Probably one of the most loved and simple mixtures around - a satisfying combo of cream and chocolate. Enjoy it thick or thin, whipped or smooth. Work out your own ganache ratios and use it as a glaze on cakes, or as a decadent dipping sauce for fresh fruit. Remember -  ganache is made with just two ingredients, so each needs to be of the best quality you can find. 


2. Fruit coulis (pronounced koo-lee) 
A fruit coulis sounds way more fancy that it really is.. a smooth sauce that's made from pureed fruit with some lemon juice and a bit of sugar. The consistency of a coulis is important. It shouldn't be runny - but rather 'hold' on the plate without being too gloopy and thick. Enjoy it drizzled over your favourite cheesecake, stirred into some yoghurt,  on pancakes and anything you think needs that vibrant colour and (sometimes tangy) sweet punch of flavours from fruit. 

fruit coulis and cheesecake

3. Salted caramel 
Salted caramel has grown in popularity since 2009 when the flavour hit American ice cream shops. Our palates have certainly embraced the notion of enjoying something sweet and salty at the same time. Check out our salted caramel recipe to learn how to make it. You're going to love it on waffles, in ice cream sundaes and of course for naughtily dunking fruit,  biscuits or even pretzels into! 

salted-caramel sauce

4. Custard 
Ah - what would a great malva pudding or an apple crumble be without custard? The eggy queen of dessert sauces is so easy to make, but also easy to f*#k up! The secret is how you control your heat. Try this recipe! As much as we love generously pouring it over gorgeous bakes, you can also scrap that all together and eat it as is.  Heaven on a spoon. 

apple crumble

5. Butterscotch sauce

This heady mixture of sugar, butter and cream really gets our taste buds tingling. Although the history of butterscotch is somewhat obscure, it's something that holds a certain classiness and panache. It's brilliant drizzled over vanilla ice cream, With any dessert featuring bananas or to finish off a sticky date pudding

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