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5 Sublime spaghetti recipes that all scream comfort food

Spaghetti is comfort food at its best and we all have that childhood favourite. What's yours?

by: Robyn Brittow | 02 Jul 2019
Spaghetti is comfort food at it’s best and we all


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Spaghetti is the versatile pasta that many of us can’t live without. Need a quick 15-minute meal? Reach for spaghetti. Want to make Asian inspired food but don’t have egg noodles? Spaghetti has your back.

We’ve got 5 recipes to show you just how versatile the pasta is.

It wouldn’t be spaghetti if you don’t have the classic spaghetti Bolognaise on the menu.

spaghetti bolognese


This turmeric and ginger broth dish is Asian-inspired and gives you a usage for spaghetti in the best way.

asian and ginger broth

Meat-free Mondays don’t have to exclude the vibrant tomato sauced dish. Indulge in this meatless spaghetti recipe loaded with earthy mushrooms.

meatless spaghetti

Spaghetti gets a South African spin with this delectable recipe for bobotie pasta with creamy chutney. Does comfort food get any better than this?

bobotie pasta with creamy chutney

This recipe for spaghetti with chicken, mushroom and zucchini is a definitive crowd-pleaser!

chicken, mushroom, zucchini


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Has the chilly weather got you hankering for something carby and delicious? Then this is just for you. Is there anything better than sinking your teeth into a big bowl of pasta that's smothered in cheese and all things creamy and comforting? We think not.

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