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5 Scrumptious dishes that you can make with your favourite beer

Beer isn't only for drinking!

04 Aug 2017

Beer goes well with just about any food, and it's also a great addition to food itself, providing a wonderfully hoppy, malty flavour and adding aerated bubbles due to the yeast. If you're not convinced about beer then read these fun beer facts.

Since it's a great time for sport right now, and since beer and sport go hand-in-hand, why not try using beer in the following recipes. Perhaps use a different variety of beer to give the dish a unique flavour.

And whatever you do, make sure you save some beer to drink! Duh.

1. Beer-marinated chicken thighs

beer , recipes,round-up

2. Ostrich burger on a sweet potato bun

beer , recipes,round-up

3. Curry and beer-battered fish tacos

beer , recipes,round-up

4. Beer-battered fish and chips

beer , recipes,round-up

5. Mushroom and beer bread in a can


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