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5 of our favourite mince recipes

The go-to in most meat eaters kitchens,minced meat is always a winner.

31 Oct 2017

Image: iStock

Minced meat is one of the most versatile ingredients one can have in their kitchen. The best thing about it, is that when mixed with either mixed veggies or other ingredients, it can go a very long way. Not only that, but it is always quick and easy to make. What's not to love? Here are 5 of our favourite mince recipes. 

Mince tortilla stack


King size beef burgers

Barbecue meatballs with bacon gravy

LCHF Cheese tacos

Ostrich mince bobotie   

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Also Try: 

Chicken, corn and spinach quesadillas

Tortilla pizza

Spinach tortilla bites

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