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5 Macaroni cheese recipes that will make your heart skip a beat

These pasta dishes emerge from the oven enveloped in rich, oozing savoury cheese sauces.

by: Jade Lawrence | 23 May 2017
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Macaroni covered in a creamy cheese sauce, a stringy crust of of bubbling cheese... not much to resist, is there? Nothing beats a good helping of this classic dish!

A household favourite - whether it's baked or cooked over the stove-top, mac 'n cheese is a staple go-to dinner when time is of the essence. It's loved by youngsters, so sneaking some veggies into the dish should be no problem at all- as long as it's full of cheese!

Here are some mouth-watering recipes to try out:

1. Roasted cauliflower mac and cheese

recipe, macaroni, cheese

2. Gourmet vegetarian mac 'n cheese  

recipe, macaroni, cheese, vegetarian

3. Chicken mac 'n cheese

recipe, macaroni, cheese, chicken

4. Ultimate mac 'n cheese  

recipe, macaroni, cheese

5. Bacon and broccoli macaroni cheese

article, recipes, macaroni, cheese

Some more recipes to satisfy your cheesy cravings:

6. Macaroni cheese with creamy Bolognaise

7. 3 cheese macaroni and cheese

8. Mushroom macaroni and cheese

9. Curried tuna macaroni cheese

10. Bubbling bacon mac and cheese

11. Mac and cheese with home-cooked tomato sauce  Save

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