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5 Insatiable ice cream sandwiches to help you conquer the Summer heat

By ice cream sandwiches we are not talking about wafer thin pre-packaged ones, no we’re talking about the good stuff.

by: Robyn Brittow | 14 Nov 2018
5 insatiable ice cream sandwich recipes to help yo

(image: Harnish Ganatra/Unsplash)

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Homemade ice-cream of your choice sandwiched between your favourite cookie or cake, what could be better?

After all, it is a century-old standing dessert. According to Delish, the moreish hand-held treat was invented in 1899 by a New York pushcart peddlar, and for obvious delicious reasons we can see why it's still going strong.

A soft sandwich base is ideal because you don’t want to break a tooth before getting to the creamy flavourful centre. This is a creative DIY dessert that will impress your guests or allow them to make their own with an assortment of different ice creams and sprinkles.

These hot-cross buns and amasi ice cream sandwiches are ultra-creamy.

hot-cross buns with amasi ice cream

A fruity low carb blueberry cheesecake ice cream sandwich is your healthier alternative that allows you to indulge in the ice cream craze too.

Low carb blueberry cheesecake ice cream sandwiches

You won't be able to resist white chocolate Florentine ice cream sandwiches. They're here to make your sweet dreams come true.

white chocolate florentine ice cream sandwich

Ice cream sandwiches peak with this lip-smacking South African favourite, peppermint choc-chip ice cream sandwiches.

peppermint choc-chip ice cream sandwiches

For those who want more of a sophisticated flavour, you’ll never have tea and biscuits the same way again. Enjoy these earl grey ice cream sandwiches that make the perfect combination.

earl grey ice cream sandwiches


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