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5 Grab and go granola recipes to make your mornings easier

Ditch the pricey cafe muffin and whip up your own brekkie instead.

by: Robyn Brittow | 24 Nov 2019
5 Gorgeous grab and go granola recipes to make you

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Mornings are often rushed, leaving one little time to enjoy a cup of your favourite tea or freshly brewed coffee, let alone a wholesome and nutritious breakfast. 

The outcome? Spending (too much) money on an expensive takeaway breakfast or skipping the first meal of the day altogether. 

These 5 gorgeous granola recipes are great to have on hand for that unexpected busy morning rush.

Vegan no-bake granola bars

These sweet and crunchy bars are great for replacing your morning pastry or muffin. Packed with natural sweetness from the dates and crunch from the seeds. The best thing about these bars is that they require no baking.

Vegan no-bake bars

Easy granola breakfast bowls

These beautiful breakfast bowls are so easy to whip up and you can enjoy them as is or fill them with your favourite toppings, from yoghurt to fruit, the possibilities are endless. 

Granola and cranberry buttermilk rusks

Your morning coffee just got a 100 times better with these cranberry rusks, bake a big batch over the weekend so that your week day mornings are that much brighter!

granola and cranberry rusks

Chocolate chia granola hearts

This is the easiest no-bake treat you could ever make and who doesn’t love a little chocolate sneaked into their morning snack!


Valentine's Day is creeping up on us... and if you're planning on creating sweet treats in your kitchen, don't be without these super easy and SUPER tasty chocolate chia granola hearts! Find the...

Granola bars

These crunchy granola bars are the perfect afternoon pick-me-up treat anyone would love to have in their lunchbox. 

Granola bars


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