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5 flavoursome pork dishes

Do you love the taste of crispy pork whether it’s bacon or loin chops but can’t seem to find innovative ways to invent new dishes? Then worry no more because we’ve put together five of our favorite flavorsome pork dishes for you to try today!

07 Mar 2019
Pork dishes

Cubano with coriander and lime infused pulled pork

The Cubano, an iconic Cuban sandwich, takes a bit of patience and effort – but is absolutely worth it.

Pork dishes

Green peppercorn pie filled with stewed pork

Try our scrumptious pork and green peppercorn filling pie. You can make individual pies if you prefer.

Pork dishes

Greek-style pork kebabs in pita

It’s still one of the more affordable meats, so it’s worth exploring your options with this versatile protein.

Pork dishes

Creamy samp bake with butter-fried pork chops

Garnish this hearty dish with fresh herbs and serve while still warm from the oven.

Pork dishes

Smoked creamy pork chowder

This is a delicious version of a chowder, a thick soup or stew made with milk or cream. Salty crackers are often crumbled over the top for extra flavour and texture.

Pork dishes

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