5 fantastic recipes starring asparagus

It’s asparagus season!

15 Sep 2015

Asparagus is one of the most aesthetically pleasing vegetables around, which is why simply steaming or cooking the spears whole, makes for a delightfully visual presentation. They exude a kind of fresh, earthy wholesomeness and seem to cry for attention on the supermarket shelves – begging to be taken home and turned into something mouth-watering!

Apart from being downright delicious, asparagus is also super healthy! It’s packed with folate and has loads of anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agents. It also contains asparagine – an amino acid that helps to balance insulin levels... and as we all know, insulin resistance is extremely prevalent at the moment.

What’s more – asparagus is also known to be an aphrodisiac along with pomegranates, beetroot and strawberries!

Check out these asparagus driven recipes below for the next time you eye them out in the supermarket...

1. Asparagus and chive frittata

2. Steak with tarragon, Hollandaise and grilled asparagus

3. Gluten-free goat’s cheese and asparagus tarts

4. Chorizo and asparagus egg bake

5. Asparagus, salmon and Mascarpone pizza



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