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5 Easy-to-make wraps for all occasions

We’ve compiled five of our favorite wrap recipes for you to try in the comfort of your home.

25 Jan 2019
Wrap recipes (PHOTOS: Drum)

Smokey steak and balsamic tomato wraps

Rapidly fry the tortillas in a pan, if desired.

Wrap recipes (PHOTOS: Drum)

Scrumptious lamb wraps

Roasted garlic, brinjal, and tender lamb make a tasty filling.

Wrap recipes (PHOTOS: Drum)

Delicious homemade tortillas

Ready-made tortillas are extremely pricey. Make your own – you can even freeze them to use later.

Wrap recipes (PHOTOS: Drum)

Fresh egg-noodle spring rolls

Replace readymade run bing with a wrap like a fresh tortilla wrap.

Wrap recipes (PHOTOS: Drum)

Raw veggie and summer fruits salad wraps

The indulgence of the festive season is over and it’s time to start making cleaner food choices again.

Wrap recipes (PHOTOS: Drum)


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